2008 Arabian Horse Association OEIP National Mounted Shooting Champion

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Year end

It has been a very exciting year for us in 2008.

Saber and I started out unsure we could even do this sport in the beginning. Our last shoot of the year was held at Crossroads arena in Cloverdale, Indiana ,Novemeber7-9 and we finished 2008 in good shape.

At our year end awards banquet in December I learned, I had earned the Rookie of the Year for the Rough Riders. That was pretty cool.

I also managed to attend all the shoots hosted by the club and earned a very nice 3 step mounting block, a montana silver braclet and photo frame.

I also won a new buckle for the state shoot by winning my class division as L2.

Saber is resting and enjoying his winter off, he is staying with Jordan until spring. She wanted to have a horse to ride over the winter months. So since I no longer riding in subzero weather, more power to the younger generation.

Looking forward to another year in 2009 of "Guns & Horses", see you all then.