2008 Arabian Horse Association OEIP National Mounted Shooting Champion

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cowboy Challenge

The Tree City Saddle Club located in Greensburg, Indiana held a Cowboy Challenge on Sunday.

Jordan, Saber and I went down to have some fun and see how well we could negotiate the course and stay within the time limit.

The course was layed out with 10 obstacles: 1. Walk over three poles 2. Sidepass down a pole to the mailbox 3. Take out the mail and then place it back into the box 4. Approach traffic cone and pick up the tennis ball on top, and then place it on the 2nd traffic cone. 5. Open the rope gate, walk through, and close the rope gate 6. Cross the bridge 7. Pick up the rope and drag the tire pass the cone 8. Cross the trap 9. Go through the cowboy curtain and 10. Back through the "L". Then cross the time line.

I don't have a video of my run as the camera malfunctioned. The video above is of Jordan and Saber. I did place third on the first go and won 15.00 the difference between the top three places were only by a 10 of second. I placed 1st on the second go and won 10.00. So it wasn't to a bad day for us. I am very proud of my 3/4 Arab, he is did everything that we ask of him and he is also turning into quite the packer of young riders. Not only did he carry Jordan and Rachel Abrams rode him in the second go. I can't ask much more of him than that. As most of the top trainers in the country will attest too, these type of horses are worth their weight in gold!

Next shoot for Saber and I will be in Rushville on October 18-19. So check back folks and see how we are doing as the shooting season is coming to close for us.

Ride fast, and keep your powder dry.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Indiana State Shoot

The Indiana State Shoot was hosted by the Indiana Rough Riders, of which I am a member in good standing.
We had 60 shooters attend, 38 shooting on Friday night at the Eliminator, yours truly also shot but, shot poorly I might add. Saber keep getting lost on the patterns when he would turn and then have to run back through the smoke. Just wasn't our night and I have found yet something else to desensitise him too! SHEESSSSS.

Anyhow Saturday and Sunday we had great weather, lots of fun people to hang out with and we also had some of the top shooters in CMSA in attendance, John Clark, Amanda Porter, and Steven Wilson just a name a few.
Steven is featured this month in the Western Shooting Horse magazine and I just happened to have my copy with me. Steven was kind enough to sign it for me and he is soft spoken and easy going. It is easy to see why he is so popular within the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Don't let the tender age of the kid fool you either. He is blazing fast with his guns, and his horse is smokin fast! I told him I really liked his buckskin horse.

Anyway here are few pictures that I took over the weekend including Cowboy Church on Sunday morning with Randy Gunn on horseback at the pulpit.

Cary Barrows getting ready to head back over to Baker Arena for more balloon slaying.

Ashly Boyce and Hannah Sheldon working hard on college homework in- between stages.

They haven't even taken time to remove thier holsters or guns. Now that is dedication to shooting I tell ya!
Randy Gunn background, foreground Bob Chattin and Rocky.

To learn more about Randy Gunn visit his website at http://www.gunnpoint.us/

Marty Luftman attending Cowboy Church from the back of the arena.

This is probably my favorite picture of the whole weekend. Left to right, Daniel Sutton who trains horses like I was taught training by my grandfather and father, the old vaquero way. Next Steve Miller, Vice President of the Illiana Rangers, and the last fellow I did not get a name so if anyone knows please email me so I can add his name to the photo.

Yours truly being awarded my Level Ladies 2 BIG check for winning my division at our state shoot. I also won a buckle and once I get it I will post a picture.

John St. Clair, need name for the fellow in the middle, and Teresa Wilson.

THis charming lady is Ann Woulms also known as IndyAnnie, Annie is our awards chairman for the Indiana Rough Riders. She does a great job of coming up with cool and usual gifts for our winners of our shoots.

Shooters waiting for the awards cermony to begin.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain, rain, do you like rain?

As you can tell from the pictures around here it is wet. It is soggy, and just darn messy.

The Rough Riders and 1st Ohio decided to reschedule our Border Wars for a drier weekend later this fall. Probably a good thing since we are getting rain from the west and then hurricane Ike is headed up to the Ohio valley by Sunday night. It is quite possible to get 6" of rain in 48 hours after the soaking that we are getting now.

Yes it has been dry here, to dry for my liking since I do like to have GREEN lawn instead of straw of landscaping.

So Saber gets another day off and I get to work on my gun skills for another week.

The ice cream social that I have been trying to get off the ground is going to have to wait until the State Shoot now. I know that the Illiana Rangers can handle 7 more days. Right Jim?

So my friends I have nothing more to report until after the 21st of September.

Until then keep your irons & powder dry.