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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall is here

This past weekend we went trail riding at JW Jones. It was the nicest weekend that we had for this whole summer. Not to hot and not to cold, just right for trail riding in the trees. We took Abigail with us and she enjoyed being out with us for a change instead of being left at home or at a kennel.

Here are just a few of the pictures that I took over the two days we were there.

Tony and Abby

Our niece Jordan Linville came down with her mother Nicole on Saturday. Jordan rode with us Saturday afternoon and stayed until after supper and smore's.
We saddled up and headed to the tree house.

The tree house tree

A better view of the house

Tony on Star, with Fancy in the center and Saber tied to the hitching rail .
Below is a clip of Tony and Jordan riding up the trail to the tree house.

Jordan and Tony

The trees turning into the Fall colors the Midwest is so well known for.

Clip of Jordan and Tony riding on some of the Trails at JW

Small cabin next to our campsite. Dirt floor in most of them but would be nice if you had cots to set up inside.

Checking out the cabin

Resting back at camp on Sunday after the morning ride.

Nap time for the two kids!

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