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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guns of August

It has been 9 months since Saber and I have been to match. This past weekend was the exception as we attend the Guns Of August SASS mounted shoot hosted by the Big Irons SASS club in Middletown, Ohio.

This was our first SASS mounted shoot and I had heard great things about SASS up to this point. They did not disappoint either, the stages were fun filled with horsemanship coming into play allot more seriously than CMSA stages. The courses were challenging and the speed was fast. There were 16 riders from 4 different clubs competing, and 4 lucky winners took home single actions .22's. We had two stages were we were required to run through woods at the back of the arena, either retrieving playing cards, or the Pony Express mail pouch. There was steer head roping, and jumping of logs. Of course you also needed to load 10 rounds divided up between two single action .45 and shoot your balloons in the order requested.

So riders would holster one and then do the required task of either roping or bringing back the mail pouch and then forget that they had shoot their first gun. They would then pull the same gun and have no ammo to shoot the remaining 5 balloons.

The poker run was fun and we had two shooters from the Heartland Peacemakers bring home .22.

All in all it was a great weekend, for me, I got a break from school, enjoyed a fabulous weekend with friends, and the best part I got to shoot!

I will post videos soon!


cowhorse7 said...

It's good to reconnect with you Dottie. Looks like you have made good use of your ranch upbringing in Harney County. And yes girl, "you are a real deal cowboy" !

lucky kachina dancer said...

Sounds like an amazing time! Can't wait to see videos.

Sue L said...

Wow! That really looks like a lot of fun with the additional obstacles and challenges. I may have to look and see if we have any similar shoots around here.